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As a poet and essay­ist, my work is root­ed in the impact fem­i­nism has had on my life as a man, par­tic­u­lar­ly as a sur­vivor of child­hood sex­u­al vio­lence. As a lit­er­ary co-trans­la­tor, I write about the rel­e­vance of clas­si­cal Per­sian poet­ry to our con­tem­po­rary lives.

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Please Support CavanKerry Press: They Do Important Work

Hi! My name is Richard Jef­frey New­man. CavanKer­ry Press pub­lished my first book of poems, The Silence of Men, more than 10 years ago, but I still make a point of read­ing from it, two poems in par­tic­u­lar: “The Taste of a Lit­tle Boy’s Trust” & “Com­merce.” Because every time I read them at least […]

Reading Claudia Rankine’s “Citizen”

Reading Claudia Rankine’s “Citizen”

From page 49: “Not long ago you are in a room where some­one asks the philoso­pher Judith But­ler what makes lan­guage hurtful…Our very being expos­es us to the address of oth­ers, she answers. We suf­fer from the con­di­tion of being address­able. Our emo­tion­al open­ness, she adds, is car­ried by our address­abil­i­ty. Lan­guage nav­i­gates this.” “For […]

Claiming The Politics of My Survival: A Male Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse Tells His Story

This talk was the sec­ond time dur­ing the 30 years I’ve been teach­ing at Nas­sau Com­mu­ni­ty Col­lege that I spoke pub­licly about being a sur­vivor of child­hood sex­u­al vio­lence. The first time, I spoke out as a pro­fes­sor in order to make room for my stu­dents to speak about their expe­ri­ence; this time, I was able not only to tell my sto­ry, but to make an argu­ment for why male sur­vivors should nev­er be exclud­ed from con­ver­sa­tions about sex­u­al vio­lence.

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