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Just in case you were wondering…

Defin­i­tive proof, just in case you need­ed it, that poets are in it for the money—which, I has­ten to add, takes away not a sin­gle iota of my grat­i­tude to CavanKer­ry Press for keep­ing my book alive 13 years after it was pub­lished. I have always believed that poet­ry does its work very slow­ly, one book and one read­er (and some­times one poem and one read­er) at a time. I don’t know who bought these two copies of The Silence of Men, but I hope the poems are bring­ing them not just plea­sure, but mean­ing and ful­fill­ment. It makes me very hap­py that the book is still find­ing its way into read­ers’ hands.

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