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from The Silence of Men (CavanKerry Press 2006)
from Words for What Those Men Have Done (forthcoming from Guernica Editions in Fall 2017; some of these are early versions)
from This Sentence Is a Metaphor for Bridge (a manuscript-in-progress)
  • Not Silenced, But Need­ing” (Diode)
  • Son­nets 28 & 30 (Hud­son Val­ley Cen­ter for Con­tem­po­rary Arts: A descrip­tion of the exhi­bi­tion is here. The PDF with the poems from the exhi­bi­tion, in alpha­bet­i­cal order by poet’s last name, is here.)


by from The Silence of Men
``The Silence of Men``
by from The Silence of Men


The International Conference on Masculinities, March 7, 2015
Queens in Love with Literature, October 11, 2011
The Green Fuse Reading, June 24, 2010


from Farid al-Din Attar’s The Book of God (Elahi Nameh) 
from The Teller of Tales: Stories from Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh (Junction Press 2011)
from Selections from Saadi’s Gulistan (Global Scholarly Publications 2004)
  • Pro­logue,” “Sto­ry 1” from “The Man­ner of Kings.” (Cipher­Jour­nal)
  • Sto­ries 1, 2, 8, 9, 10 from “The Man­ner of Kings,” Sto­ry 8 from “Darvish­es,” Sto­ry 18 from “Edu­ca­tion,” Num­ber 33 from “Prin­ci­ples of Social Con­duct” (Iran​ian​.com)
Editorial Work
  • It Deserves and Should Com­mand Your Atten­tion (ArteEast, ArteZine Sum­mer 2007)


Older Essays

These are PDFs of essays I pub­lished from as far back as 1989, before online pub­lish­ing was even a pos­si­bil­i­ty. I cringe now to read some of what I wrote back then, but, over the years, some peo­ple have asked about the devel­op­ment of my think­ing, par­tic­u­lar­ly in the con­text of my writ­ing about men and mas­culin­i­ty, and so I thought to make these pieces avail­able here.

  • Rel­ish­ing My Soli­tude” (The Amer­i­can Voice No. 43)
  • Inside The Men Inside Inside Christy Canyon” (The Amer­i­can Voice No. 33)
  • My Daugh­ter’s Vagi­na” (I need to say a word about the title of this long essay, which Jonathan Pen­ton at Unlike­ly Sto­ries pub­lished as an ebook. When I wrote it, there was still the pos­si­bil­i­ty that my wife and I would have a sec­ond child and I was think­ing a lot about the fact that, if we had a daugh­ter, part of my job as her father, in tra­di­tion­al terms, would be “to pro­tect her vagi­na from the evils of men.” I want­ed this essay to be a med­i­ta­tion on that fact. Hence, the title. Look­ing back now, I don’t think the essay does enough to earn the title and so it feels, actu­al­ly, exploitive to me. Nonethe­less, I think much of the con­tent is worthwhile—indeed, I have mined it for oth­er pieces I have writ­ten or am writing—and so I am includ­ing it here.)
  • Fer­til­i­ty and Viril­i­ty: A Med­i­ta­tion on Sperm” (Chang­ing Men)
  • His Sex­u­al­i­ty, Her Repro­duc­tive Rights” (Chang­ing Men)



With The Jack­son Heights Poet­ry Fes­ti­val:

With Tim Fredrick, Exec­u­tive Direc­tor of New­town Lit­er­ary:


On ``Tiferet Talk,`` with Melissa Studdard
On ``The Power of Poetry,`` with Marcia McNair

My Poetry

Words For What Those Men Have Done

For My Son, A Kind of Prayer

The Silence Of Men

My Translation

The Teller of Tales: Sto­ries from Fer­dowsi’s Shah­nameh

  • An inter­view with Patrick Hen­ry on The Side­bar, Mod­ern Lan­guage Stud­ies’ fic­tion and poet­ry pod­cast. (Lis­ten to Episode 2.)
  • By Aria Fani on Tehran Bureau
  • By Patrick James Duna­gan & Ava Kooh­bor on Galatea Res­ur­rects
  • Doc­tor, Meet Your Muse” (TRMC World, Trini­tas Region­al Med­ical Cen­ter, June 2013)
  • Poets Gath­er in Exile, in Queens” (The New York Times, Octo­ber 26, 2012)

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