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Hi! My name is Richard Jef­frey New­man. CavanKer­ry Press pub­lished my first book of poems, The Silence of Men, more than 10 years ago, but I still make a point of read­ing from it, two poems in par­tic­u­lar: “The Taste of a Lit­tle Boy’s Trust” & “Com­merce.” Because every time I read them at least one man from the audi­ence will find his way up to the front of the room and, in a qui­et voice, as if he doesn’t want any­one else to hear, he’ll say thank you.

Some­times, this man will wait till he can pull me to the side for a brief moment of what feels to him like pri­va­cy, and once a man even fol­lowed me to the door of the bath­room just so he could say thank you where he thought no one else would hear him. 

When I wrote those two poems, they broke for me the decades-long silence in which I had held what the man who lived on the sec­ond floor of my build­ing did when he sex­u­al­ly assault­ed me. I was twelve or thir­teen years old. What the men at my read­ings thank me for is the way my work breaks that same silence for them as well.

I don’t know if the many pub­lish­ers who reject­ed The Silence of Men before CKP accept­ed it did so because of the sub­ject mat­ter my poems explore. What I do know is that when CKP agreed to pub­lish my book, they did so ful­ly aware of how impor­tant it is to break the kinds of silences poems like mine break.

This com­mit­ment to pub­lish­ing poet­ry that makes a dif­fer­ence in the dai­ly lives of ordi­nary peo­ple is why it’s so impor­tant to sup­port the work CavanKer­ry Press does. If you know a man who has sur­vived sex­u­al vio­lence, or some­one who loves such a man, or if you’re con­nect­ed to an orga­ni­za­tion that in some way works with male sur­vivors, I hope you’ll con­sid­er sup­port­ing CavanKer­ry by buy­ing a copy of my book and gift­ing it to them. 

But even if my book in par­tic­u­lar doesn’t speak to you…if you care about poet­ry, if you believe that lit­er­a­ture has a role in cre­at­ing com­mu­ni­ties where peo­ple feel seen, sup­port­ed, and nur­tured, I hope you will con­sid­er sup­port­ing this press in any way that you can. Their work real­ly does make a dif­fer­ence.

Thank you!

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